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Safely Clean Your Ears with Hopi Ear Candling

 A candling method to remove ear wax is gaining prominence in this regard.

Ear candle treatment is a technique in which a hollow candle is placed in your ear to create a lower vacuum that softens air wax and pulls it out with other impurities. Moreover, each candle is made of cotton or linen and tightly wound into a cone shape. In-ear candle treatment, the candle is soaked in wax and paraffin and allowed to harden. Mix opinions are coming in this aspect. Some medical advisers argue that candling is useless, while the rest argue it is effective. The ear candle treatment helps treat sinus pain, rigging in the ears, dizziness and middle ear infections. Supporters of the practice claim that the dark, waxy substance sometimes left in the hollow candle stub after a session is earwax and other debris—proof that ear candling works.

What’s behind this candling practice?

However, Advocates of ear candling argue that the evidence of earwax and other impurities left behind in the candle after a session confirms this technique's effectiveness. However, some medical experts argue that ear candling is useless and can even be harmful.

 What is Hopi ear candling?

It has been an alternative medical practice for thousands of years. Also, it involves placing a cone-shaped candle into the ear and lighting it to create heat that is believed to pull up ear wax. Also, It is important to note that wax is not intentionally dripped into the ear during this process.


Why do people use Hopi Ear candling?

Advocates of ear candling claim that it is a clean ear and a holistic framework of benefits to deal with other challenges. Moreover, the most prominent treatment includes treating bacterial infections, cold and flu symptoms, migraines, and sore throats.

Is ear candling safe?

The ear is a sensitive and delicate organ. Their direct exposure to flame is unsafe. Serious injuries from ear candling are not uncommon. Also, there is a great risk of burning the face, scalp, and neck from fallen hot wax. However, Hot drops can penetrate the ear itself, causing damage to the ear canal and perforated membrane, leading to infections, bleeding, and hearing loss.         

A survey 

There are 21 injuries by 122 otolaryngologists in a survey from using ear candles, comprising 13 burns of the external parts of the ear and seven partial or complete blockages of the ear canal with candle wax. Also, the remaining ash powder and deposit further require a professional’s assistance.

Application: How to use ear candles

An ear candle's effective application requires another person's assistance to avoid injury and accident. The following listed point explains the application process of ER candles. 

step 1

  • Turn the lights down or even off, and have an incense candle burning. Turn some soft music on and get ready to relax. Make sure you are lying on one side comfortably, resting your head on a pillow. Hence, You won’t be able to move for the next 10 – 15 minutes. Now for the enjoyment of the experience.

step 2

  • Relax and allow the therapist/person performing the ear candling treatment to take over these instructions.

step 3

  • Your therapist/person performing the treatment should now place a towel over your face and hair, leaving just your ear showing.

step 4

  •  The therapist/person performing the treatment should now place an Ear Candle in an Ear Protector disc ready to place in your ear. 

step 5

  • A treatment person can place a thin layer of cream around the candle's end. After this,  lubricate the candle entering the ear, making it more comfortable. Furthermore, It is also nice and relaxing if the treatment therapist massages your ear with a small amount of cream.

step 6

  • Your therapist performing the treatment can now light the end of the ear candle without writing on it. However, After this, place the other end with the words” HERBACONE/BIOCANDLE” in the ear.

step 7

  • Your therapist/person performing the treatment should check that no smoke is coming from the ear. Also, ensure no smoke is around the ear candle's sides. If there is, adjust the candle to prevent this.

step 8

  • Your therapist performing the treatment should hold the candle gently between two fingers to ensure smooth airflow in the candle.  The rest of the hand should rest on the head of the patient. So it will provide comfort to the therapist performing the treatment.  Also, burning the ear candle will take approximately 10 minutes, so the therapist and recipient must be comfortable.

step 9

  • When the flame reaches the line above the word “Herbacone,” your therapist/person performing the treatment should remove it from the ear and place it in the glass of water to extinguish the flame. The process for each ear takes between 10 and 15 minutes. Also, Before your therapist/person performing the treatment carries out the treatment on the second ear, you should have a 10-minute break following the first ear.

step 10

  • If you are using Classic Ear Candles, repeat the above steps for a maximum of two ear candles per ear per session.

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