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How to get a full-body Massage with theragun

With the technological revolution, human beings have reached the advanced stage of civilization. But it comes with a lot of dark sides, too. Innovation in technology with the invention of the computer at one side provides hands-on assistance, but at the same time, it casts darks and affects human beings, too. Integrating computers in offices for long hours combined with the education sector also puts pressure on people by stressing their bodies, muscles, eyes, etc. Spending a lot of time in front of such devices by sitting in a fixed posture stresses muscles, causing muscle stiffness.

Also, the sedentary lifestyle puts pressure on body muscles by making them stiff. To deal with this problem, doctors often suggest going for a massage. Considering the needs of human daily lives, big firms seek to bring new products into the market to cope with such challenging problems. Of them, theragun massage is of great significance. In this problem, we will explore step by step the significance of theragun. It eliminates the need to pay for massages. Instead, you can give yourself a theragun massage at home in minutes.

Explaining Theragun Device:

Theragun pioneered a revolutionary field of recovery known as percussive therapy (not to be confused with vibration therapy). This works by delivering a unique combination of targeted deep-tissue massage at a high-speed frequency with the ability to apply sufficient force to the area.

Now, the further section will discuss how to do full body massage with theragun  

The theragun is used to release knots of muscles by putting pressure on the affected area. It helps relieve muscle soreness in everyone, from professional athletes to laypeople. It takes 10 minutes to provide a calm and relaxed experience. The best benefit of theragun massage is that it is user-friendly owing to its lightweight. The tool can also be used for down-regulating your central nervous system, helping you feel relaxed and calm, and speeding up muscle recovery time after a workout. 

Which One Should You Buy?

There are three types of theragun massage tools in markets with marked characterization in their composition and function.

1. Theragun Mini:

It is lightweight, making it easy to use on the body. It has a comfortable handle that makes it easy to target hard-to-reach areas like your lower back. 

2. Theragun Elite:

It has two speeds, three ergonomic grips, and four attachments that provide deep body massage.

3. Theragun Pro:

It is the most expensive, but at the same time, it provides massages to the whole body. It has an adjustable arm that allows you to reach your entire body easily, six foam attachments, and an ergonomic multi-grip.

Here’s how to give yourself a full body massage by using the theragun massage tool

This section will explore the possible ways to use theragun massage.

1. Neck:

Hold theragun for 10 seconds, and move your neck left, right, up, down

Ensure there is no tingling and numbing, as it doesn't give you a headache. Spend up to two minutes massaging the muscle group.

2. Shoulder:

Turn your thumb up and extend your arm, stretching your biceps while using the tool.

Use theragun under the arm pit but with light pressure.

3. Back:

Place the Theragun on your lower back area. Hold it on a tight spot, or add some flexion if that feels good.

Continue down the body by using the tool on your glutes.

4. Inner thighs:

Firstly, Use the Theragun on the inside of your hip, from the pubic bone to above the knee. 

You can do this standing or seated.

5. calves:

You should use the gun here with the utmost care. You must cross your hand over your knees in the seated position.

Therefore, in this position, you have access to your calf muscles.

Looking for a proficient massage:

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The preceding analysis cast light on the new trend of using the theragun muscle massager. The revolution in technology combined with innovations has made human lives quite easier. Thergun massager is an example of it. Due to this technology, people must leave home and go to a physiotherapist for a massage. Now theragun provides hands-on convenience to treat the soreness of muscles at home. Also, it saves people’s time. Also, theragun comes in various functions, providing services to people. However, using theragun in the right direction is necessary to reap the benefits of this technology. Also, using it appropriately gives more results. Also, it requires keen attention in sensitive areas such as the inner thighs, calves, back, and neck. So, enjoy the benefits of theragun and relax your muscles!

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